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Heliatek achieves 12% efficiency with solar OPV cell
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Dimanche, 20 Janvier 2013 12:56

Heliatek GmbH (Dresden, Germany) has reached a new world record for organic photovoltaic (OPV) conversion efficiency at 12.0% on a 1.1 square centimeter cell. 

This efficiency was measured by SGS SA (Geneva, Switzerland). The record-setting cell is based on a multi-junction OPV cell design, where two different absorber materials convert light of different wavelengths.

"We are pleased to continue to lead the OPV industry with this landmark achievement," states Heliatek CEO Thibaud Le Séguillon. "Our continuous progress comforts us in our ability to reach 15% efficiency by 2015 and gradually transfer our record efficiencies into Heliatek's roll-to-roll production line."

"We manufacture solar films and not solar panels. Our customers in the building and construction material industry, in automotive and in light structures, such as shading and street furniture, are integrating these solar films as energy harvesting components to increase the functionality of their products."

 Vacuum deposition used

Heliatek states that SGS measurements also validated the low light and high temperature performance of OPV as compared to conventional solar photovoltaic (PV) technologies, which the company says leads to a much higher efficiency in real-life conditions.

Heliatek uses a vacuum deposition manufacturing process, which has been used for OLED displays. The company states that vacuum deposition allows for  homogeneous layers as thin as 5 nanometers.

One of the two absorber materials used in the record-setting cell was developed and synthesized by Ulm University's (Ulm, Germany) Institute of Organic Chemistry II and Advanced Materials, headed by Heliatek co-Founder Peter Bäuerle.

The previous world record of 10.7% was also set by Heliatek nine months prior.

About Heliatek GmbH:

Heliatek GmbH is the leading European company in the field of organic photovoltaics. It was founded in 2006 as a common spin-off of Technische Universität Dresden and the University of Ulm (both Germany), bringing together world-leading expertise in the fields of organic optoelectronic devices (Dresden) and organic oligomer synthesis (Ulm). Main goals of Heliatek are the development of organic solar cells based on oligomers, the set-up of the required production tools, and the introduction of organic solar cells into the market.

Source: Solar Server


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