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Researchers Develop Faster, Cheaper Way to Make Solar Cells
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Vendredi, 26 Septembre 2014 15:23

A faster, cheaper way to manufacture silicon solar cells, partially funded by the Energy Department and fine-tuned at its National Renewable Energy Laboratory (NREL), has won a coveted R&D 100 award as one of the top technology innovations of 2013.

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New class of nanoparticle brings cheaper, lighter solar cells outdoors
PV cristallins - Matériaux
Vendredi, 13 Juin 2014 10:57

A new class of solar-sensitive nanoparticle that outshines the current state of the art has been developed and tested by researchers. This new form of solid, stable light-sensitive nanoparticles, called colloidal quantum dots, could lead to cheaper and more flexible solar cells, as well as better gas sensors, infrared lasers, infrared light emitting diodes and more.

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Flexible silicon solar-cell fabrics may soon become possible
PV cristallins - Matériaux
Dimanche, 06 Janvier 2013 00:00

For the first time, a silicon-based optical fiber with solar-cell capabilities has been developed that has been shown to be scalable to many meters in length. The research opens the door to the possibility of weaving together solar-cell silicon wires to create flexible, curved or twisted solar fabrics.

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