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Fraunhofer debuts world record 25.1% efficient TOPCon solar cell
PV cristallins - Technologies et procédés
Dimanche, 04 Octobre 2015 21:10

The Fraunhofer Institute for Solar Energy Systems ISE has achieved an efficiency of 25.1% on a both sides-contacted silicon solar cell. In addition to increasing efficiencies, the TOPCon technology is said to simplify manufacturing processes.

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INDEOtec sells Octopus II PECVD tool to French institute
PV couche mince - Technologies et procédés
Dimanche, 04 Octobre 2015 21:05

Swiss PECVD tool developer INDEOtec has sold one of its Octopus II PECVD tools to France’s IPVF (Institut Photovoltaique d’Ile-de-France). The Octopus II tool is a deposition platform for high efficiency PV cell production, such as HJT concepts.

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Cloaking technology refracts light around metallization fingers
PV cristallins - Technologies et procédés
Dimanche, 04 Octobre 2015 21:02

German researchers have applied the approach used by invisibility cloak research to direct sunlight around busbars and metallization fingers to potentially increase PV cell and module efficiency. The research was

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SolarCity to begin production of >22% efficient PV modules this month
Dimanche, 04 Octobre 2015 20:38

Calling it the “world's most efficient rooftop solar panel”, the company says it will produce PV modules with greater than 22% efficiency at a pilot fac

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